Acorn Group

Since 1999, Acorn Group has provided single source building solutions for commercial, residential, retail, and manufacturing projects in the Greater New Haven area. Acorn Group manages the needs of our clients with end to end support, from initial planning and design to construction and build-out of a space that exceeds their requirements.

Our Services include:

  • Design, Strategy and Planning
  • Construction and Build-outs
  • Facilities and Property Management

Our projects have included:

  • Corporate Headquarters/Offices
  • Non-Profit/Education Space
  • Manufacturing /Distribution Facilities
  • University Student Housing
  • Retail Complexes


  • 182,000 SF Commercial Building – 370 James St.
  • 62,000 SF Commercial/Retail Building/Garage – Granite Square
  • 58.000 SF Commercial/Retail Building/Garage – One Audubon
  • 90,000 SF Retail/Residential Building – The Atwood
  • 75,000 SF Retail/Residential Building – Park View
  • 21,000 SF Commercial/Medical Building – The Chester
  • 90,000 SF Retail/Residential Building – The Forest (Completion 2023)
  • 90,000 SF Retail/Residential Building – UNH Dormitory – (Sold 2008)
  • 118 Acre Fully Assembled Mixed Use Property – Acorn Ridge (Sold 2017)

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    Whether you need a property, a lease, or strategic approach, Acorn welcomes your inquiry in confidence. We can make the difference. We have the experience and the resources to bring your project to the next level effectively and productively. Call or email today to arrange a meeting.

    • 1 Audubon Street, New Haven, CT
    • 203-562-6422